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Publishing_App.pngPublishing App

With the Proctic Publishing App, we can get your books, magazines, or advertisements quick and easy into the AppStores. 

You can either publish just one single documents or publish several documents within one library app. 

Simply send us your document as PDF and we include it into the publishing app. Nowadays you can include any possible multi media files into a PDF, such as pictures, MP3s, videos, etc.


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Publishing App    
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With this publishing app you can publish one book, magazine or advertisement.

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The library version of the publishing app is used for multiple books or documents.

iPad App check.png check.png
Android App check.png check.png
Text check.png check.png
Photos check.png check.png
Videos check.png check.png
MP3's check.png check.png
Search function check.png check.png
Notes check.png check.png
Book marks check.png check.png
Table of contents check.png check.png
Up to 1 magazine check.png check.png
Up to 30 magazines minus.png check.png
Hosting of content minus.png check.png
In-app purchase minus.png on request
Payment system minus.png on request
Subscriptions minus.png on request
Upload of new document minus.png on request