Business Intelligence Dashboard

Gives your staff more time to do what they do best

Providing the right information at the right time to each employee, enabling him to make the right decision, fast, well informed and efficient is the vision behind the new system.


 What is Business Intelligence?

As each company uses a large number of different applications there are many different data sources as well. Each providing some part of the information that is needed. Information has to be collected manually from all these sources and needs to be analysed afterwards.
Our new business intelligence system automates this process and collects all the data from different sources, which could be ERP systems, Excel, SQL databases as well as web portals or cloud applications – just to name a few. After that the system analyses the data and presents the results in form of easy understandable diagrams.
Each dashboard is fully customisable by each employee. Doing so only data which is actually relevant to the user gets displayed.
The business intelligence dashboard is accessible from everywhere and anytime via the web portal or the app and helps the user to make the right decisions faster. The dashboard provides every member of the staff all the data that is relevant for him in form of easy understandable graphs and diagrams.


So far we were pretty successful without BI, why do we need it?

In almost every company some form of business intelligence is applied in some way. The most popular “business intelligence tool” is Excel. Data is collected manually, analysed and prepared in form of charts for making decisions.  But these common tools often reach their limits when it comes to a large amount of data or different data sources. Also this form of analysis can only be a snapshot at one point in time as the database does not update itself on a continuous basis. For every group of employees the data has to be filtered manually or they have to look for the relevant information on their own in a large amount of data.

This situation leads to long waiting times for the employee or a time consuming and error prone research for the needed data.


What are the benefits of a business intelligence dashboard?

Our business intelligence dashboard provides fully individualised information to each user in the company. The dashboard can be accessed locally via a desktop computer, or on the way via a smartphone app. Having the right information at hand, at the right time and the right location, decisions can be made faster.

We deliver prebuild solutions for different industries and sectors which we customise for the individual needs of each company. The cloud based system is ready to use within minutes.


We'd be happy to provide further information about our business intelligence solutions.