Wobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development in Singapore

A mobile website is a website which has been optimized for the smaller smartphone browsers. The navigation of a mobile website is similar to the navigation of a normal app. Compared to the native App Development, a mobile website has several advantages though:

  • Independent of mobile operating system:
    Regular apps need to be optimized for each mobile operating system separatly. A mobile website however can be opened on any mobile browser, independent of the used operating system.

  • New functions:
    A couple of years ago the functionality of a website was very limited and several external add-ons had to be used. Thanks to HTML5 we can now integrate a huge choice of functions directly into the mobile website.

  • Available directly on the internet:
    A mobile website does not need to be uploaded or approved by any app store. If a company wants to sell products via their mobile website, there won't be any Apple, asking for a comission.

  • Updates and extensions:
    Updates can be made at any time, without uploading new app versions to an appstore, which makes a mobile website much easier to maintain than an app.

In order to make the conversion of an existing website into a mobile website fast and easy, we have also developed a Mobile Website Builder. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Please get in touch with us or visit us in our office in Singapore.