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Web & App Development

We are one of the world's leading web & app development companies, providing breath-taking solutions to our clients in Europe and Singapore.  

We have a team of highly professional designers, developers and project managers. For web & app developement projects we offer an end-to-end solution: Consulting, conception, graphic design, development and support. 

Next to professional web & app development, we provide a portfolio of turn-key business solutions. Those IT solutions will be customized for each client and are ready to be implemented immediately. 

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The internet of things

The next revolution is ahead and will change the way we work and live tremendously. Based on recent research there will be more "things" connected to the internet than smartphones or computers by 2020. 

We develop the technology which enables cars, machines and electronic devices to communicate with each other or connect to the internet. Our Smart Home technology is using Wifi or the latest Bluetooth standard to connect all kind of home electronics. 

Together with car manufacturers we are working on the fully connected car of the future. With our indoor positioning system we are able to accuratly locate smartphones inside buildings.

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Mercedes-Benz goes mobile

Mercedes-Benz, with its headquarters in Germany, is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. 

With the goal to merge cars and smartphones, Mercedes-Benz and Proctic started a long-term cooperation. Wer are proud that our deep knowledge in app development will contribute to the future success of Mercedes-Benz.

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